Kundalini Awakening & Healing Self From the Root

Kundalini Awakening & Healing Self From the Root

As long as there’s longing, projection and expectations, one is outside self. The key is to be in the body with the full sense of ownership and conscious management of this body (physical and subtle). When one feels weak and disempowered by own self through seeing self as weak and longing for someone powerful and strong to come and heal one or rescue one from the outside, one can never recognise one’s own power let alone nourish it and heal through it. True connection with the higher power is through inner self. External representations of power, not cultivated within the self become an entanglement. True power pushes one to break through entanglements and recognise this true power within the self. False power is trying to attach and feeds off such projections.

Only through inner contentment and stillness can one dissolve the subconscious blockages within self. When one wants to go to someone to be ‘fixed’ or ‘healed’ then one ultimately enters into the path of entanglement. This is not spirituality and this has nothing to do with Kundalini Awakening. Only that which is formless, absolute and unconditionally content can truly heal that which manifests in the gross/subtle form as pains and afflictions. Kundalini Awakening has nothing to do with manipulating energy flows within the body, this is a false and corrupt notion that leads nowhere. Kundalini Awakening is the conscious awakening to one’s essence which opens up the opportunity for one to refine on a multidimensional level. Everything within the gross/subtle body is corrected and realigned by the means of the connection to one’s inner contentment and equanimous space-like being. Cultivation of purity means severing all false connections and entanglements, and staying in a not-clinging and not-projecting state. It is by this connection to one’s pure essence in contentment that bypasses all perceived problems and issues that one faces outwardly and eventually leads one to refine and dissolve all distorted and corrupt elements within the consciousness. This is the essence of Kundalini Awakening. Advancement in this process is not a given thing, it is achieved through sincerity, purity and selflessness. The connection with the guide is supposed to nourish one in this process rather than serve as some kind of help, fix or source of healing. Healing and learning happen automatically once the true spiritual connection is nourished through the cultivation of inner purity and selflessness and gratitude within the self. 

In order to refine self it is important to sever all previous emotional, mental and spiritual connections within self. Anything that serves as a door or a hook, or through whatever connection with whoever one has been drained, abused or opened up in an unhealthy way. All of these connections must consciously be severed because it is these connections which allow the opening and creates the possibility for constant blockages and disturbances within the subtle that may manifest as physical pains and illnesses. But they are not severed by merely recollecting, reliving and dwelling within these things. They are severed by the means of the connection with the absolute, the guide and the higher power which, if one is sincere and is able to let go, is able to nourish one and pull one up out of the bog of victimisation, shame and dwelling in the past. But one has to feel that connection sincerely within and one sincerely has to look to that presence unconditionally. One has to want contentment not in ‘this way’ or ‘that way’, but as it is. This contentment is beyond this world and therefore is truly boundless and free. This is the tool through which one is to refine. Everything else serves merely as a temporary fix that does not address the root. The root is discontentment within the self, and it is that which actually leads in one way or another to traumatic experiences, draining connections and unhealthy toxic relationships. In order to uproot this root one needs to be present within one’s body and observe subtle thoughts and emotions and see the link with the pains as well as the story that has been created around the pains. And one needs to sever these thought-form links.

Many still dream of some cure or miracle coming from the outside, even if that ‘outside’ for one is manifested in some subtle pseudo-spiritual form. The real path is absolutely inward and absolutely simple, and that’s why most people miss it. One connects to this path when there is a true understanding that there is no cure from the outside and no being out there who can save us. This realisation pushes one beyond the mind into that space of the unconditional. This is the real awakening, and everything else is entanglements. True awakening is like inner birth, and is born through struggles and it is sustained and expanded through hard work upon self, of consciously subduing the waves of the mind at the feet of ultimate reality and the connection to the higher realm. 

For those who truly perceive the connection, despite whatever difficulties occur, there is a doubtless spirit and determination that pushes one over limitations and further into the content freedom of the ultimate reality. Freedom is not something one attains through entanglements. True freedom comes from recognising entanglements and their roots first, admitting to the self and severing them consciously by letting go of the memory of all those entanglements.

When the hope for happiness or salivation by any conditional, circumstantial, subtle or so-called spiritual means subsides, then the light of one’s content being is there shining obviously like the moon at the window. 

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