The Power of Inner Direction & The Will to Self-Refine

The Power of Inner Direction & The Will to Self-Refine

To succeed on the spiritual path requires a transformed way of living, one actions have to come from a completely different axis. In order to be dedicated student one already has to know what spirituality is and what the path is and one has to disillusion oneself to the extent that one no longer prioritises any conditional objective, no matter how subtle it is, over the self-refinement process. When one embarks on the self-refinement process one does not know what the conditional result will be. It is not even possible to say ‘when I am more refined I will have the perfect relationship, or I will be rich or I will have an outwardly impressive life’. One simply goes deeper into the natural contentment of the existence and one’s life begins to unfold from that point and through that process. One takes everything that arises and whatever circumstances as the platform to evolve; it is a transformed way of perception, one no longer sees the situations of life from a one-dimensional perspective because one begins to detect quickly the subtle meanings, the lessons and the ways in which one’s own consciousness is reflected back through the life scenarios.

The essence of this is far from any ambition based conception of spirituality or evolution, it is a quiet inner drive that doesn’t need to be announced, yet it becomes the core of one’s existence and seed of one’s own inner vortex that is also one’s protection and shield on the path. This type of will cannot be separated from one’s already developed spiritual maturity. Because the more one matures spiritually, then the more one understands for oneself what is real and what is not real, and where the true value of life really lies. It doesn’t even necessarily mean that one will be living this way and not that way. Rather one is not so focused on controlling the flow of life, but instead learns how to flow through life whilst holding firm to one’s inner direction. There is already an acceptance built within the realisation that life may go in unexpected directions, because if one is to face whatever unconscious distortions lay below the surface then one must allow these distortions to surface naturally through life circumstances. It means that one will be consciously pushed to step beyond one’s comfort zone into the areas that one would be too afraid to enter or that one has always tried to avoid. Because it is in these situations that one is to encounter the issues within one’s being that trigger the fear and trigger the contraction within self. Therefore one must consciously step through one’s fears through all the experiences, and if one is really refining then one’s life will change and transform as one begins to move through and refine all the accumulated garbage within self. 

Real spirituality is not an escape and it is far from being an excuse to go and sit in a cave or live in an ashram. It’s the absolute opposite of any escape plan, because the essence is in facing all of one’s deepest fears consciously through life. And if one’s life experience is not constantly changing and transforming and if one does not always feel like one is on the edge of one’s limits then one is not really walking the path. One’s overall direction and core is there to push one past all limitations and one will be forced to abandon such ideas as ‘life is to be like this or life is to be like that’. While life is still just like this or like that then there is stagnation, fear and the cementing of the same old hard worn inner tendencies.

To say that one has a direction in life, even in a conditional way, is to have a certain anchor or a certain principle that one stands by and carries one through life. When that direction is one’s inner being itself then one will inevitably plough through whatever obstacles, afflictions and oppositions are there in life. When direction is not there then one will always get hung up on some point or entangled in something. On one level this direction functions similarly to the conditional way of wanting to achieve something. Without the sacrifice and one pointedness of mind, nothing can be achieved. The sacrifice required for the spiritual path is one’s own mind and one’s desire to have life go this way or that way. When one stands firmly on the path then one’s life is shaped by one’s refinement and ultimately this leads to absolute fearlessness, courage and an inner conviction that cannot be surpassed or overcome by any limited conditional force in this reality.

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