Creation & Injustice: Should I Fight for the World?

Creation & Injustice Should I Fight for the World

If we feel injustice it means we still are not seeing subtle aspects of reality within the self and the world. Whatever exists is one way or the other supported by the majority. At the moment the division in perception creates conflict. The desire to see only one perspective causes blindness on the account of other perspectives and a sense of limitation. 

Yet, theoretical analyses of how right or wrong something is or is not cannot give us an experiential dimension of that which we consider unjust, because we don’t perceive it directly, we are not in the midst of that experience. Hence, the question arises, do we really know what’s happening or do we assume through various pieces of information that that is what is actually going on? 

Are we aware of subtle dimensions and every individual perspective that’s involved in that experience? Usually, all we do is either passively observe, assume and get involved based on judgment or simply suffer within thinking and assuming that what’s happening is a disaster. The world has potent mechanisms to propel itself and it exists whether we personally get involved or not. What if all of a sudden someone died? Would the world stop? What often drives people is the desire to see the world through a particular perspective, it’s a form of control, and even if mental only, it causes stress and limitation and as a result contraction and inner stress within. If you walk and there is a situation where you see what’s going on and you need to defend self or other and feel conviction and or a direct pull, certainly you may do so, in this case if you see someone is directly abused and cries for help and you are there. Theoretical debates unless everyone is highly evolved don’t bear truth, unlike the way Greeks believed. But even in the case of a utopian evolved society, everyone would keep silence and know and only bring to the table what’s relevant. Such debates are often a waste of time and serve merely as a demonstration of self and a way to acquire enemies. In this era it doesn’t work unless you are ready to sacrifice and burn yourself for the sake of an idea.

You may act if you feel like it when you are there and then in the situation, but be prepared to fight, to have conflict and drain yourself. But then at the end of the day, don’t feel like a victim of injustice. Because there’s no such a thing, you are a victim of the world’s multiple streams of thought and action and emotions and if they don’t coincide with yours, you feel like it’s injustice, when in reality it’s a clash of streams within the collective being. In this case you realise its futility. Because the main stream will always win or dominate, it doesn’t mean all the other dreams stop to exist. And so the main dominates but the others shape it to their liking and the world goes on…

We ignorantly think that the world is all we see as nature, man-made reality, emotions and thoughts, but the world is much deeper and subtler. It has subtle means/mechanisms to attract us through our own mind. Yet the same mind has an invaluable key within itself to discover subtle invisible influences, dissolve all the attractions from within and neutralise the world for itself. Ignorant beings want to escape or to involve themselves and thus are consciously driven with one reason or the other outwards by the impulse to act, but the ripe mind that has discovered that key, realises the subtle reality of self that dissolves the links with the world of attraction and perceives the world of existence, in which the world of creation with names and forms has no dominance over one’s being-existence. In this case, the mind acts wisely, otherwise dwelling within its own essence cultivating this essence within and learning by observation. This is a rare case of a mature mind that has realised the way the world operates, subtly effects, manipulates and drains the mind. Such a mind has lost its direction towards the world and its illusions. Its direction now is within that nurtures the essence of the creation rather than the creation within itself. In this case, the creation is not against oneself but supports one and nourishes in abundance. If one drains the essence, the creation consumes one. If one’s essence is inexhaustible, one enjoys the creation for as long as one wishes and masters it through the space within. How can there be a sense of creation or world in opposition to self or its essence? 

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