Integration & Nurturing Action: Becoming a True Mother

Integration & Nurturing Action Becoming a True Mother

Whatever manifests in life is a representation and projection of our own consciousness. We do not stand apart from what happens in life as some sort of separate being with a separate self-sustained individual status. We are what we do. We are what happens to us. We are our relationships. The entire life is a projection of what is within our consciousness. It is like a machine that takes a certain data or code and creates a movie out of that; it works out how to unfold that code through a certain limited yet capable of expanding experience – the earthly human experience.

The more consciousness is unhealthy and narcissistic the more we seek to erect walls within our perception of life, the more we will try to hold the separate parts of life from each other and maintain some kind of safe alone individual space. Wars and battles in life represent the wars and battles within. If you want to know about self in a conditional way then you don’t need to practice meditation to do that. You have to look and see what appears. What appears in the mirror in the morning? What appears in the response of others to your presence. None of these things are separate elements within self. It is one kaleidoscopic whole. We must inspect the reality and the creation and look into each aspect of our lives: how we take care our living space, how we water our garden, how we treat our family, friends and children. Through these things we see self and it is through these elements that we come to see the distortions present within the consciousness. They make themselves known through reflection.

The development of narcissism and various other aberrations occurs as a result of a deeper and deeper fracturing of the wholeness-perception of the manifested reality. Narcissism is the creation and expansion of a hallucinatory sense of self that becomes ever more reified and corrupt as time goes on. The resulting action is a deepening false self-centre that with time seems to bare less and less fruit. One seems to act in such a way that does not bring any more benefit, joy or wholesomeness to life, yet instead such action seems to be based on a kind of stubborn blindness to self and an unwillingness to embrace the creation as the extension of the self.

It is important to nurture all aspects of one’s creation. This begins from learning how to basically nurture and take care of self. Because if one is in bad shape, then there is not much that one can offer to others. When one learns to nurture self on both mundane and spiritual levels then one’s activity begins to spill over into a natural selfless activity and interaction. This pushes one to expand one’s scope of nurturing within the creation. First one is able to take care of self, get enough sleep, eat healthily, work hard and meditate consistently and wholeheartedly, then one is tested on one’s ability to nurture everything around self. To make sure this one is taken care of and that one is taken care of. This is what it is called to become a true mother. But even the first stage of this process, taking care of self, is not achieved by everyone, and that is why it is the first step.

The more one begins to evolve the more one’s limited individuality-manifestation comes to take on the qualities of higher and higher forces within the consciousness. What does the spiritually integrated human-being look like? They look like a true mother, who knows exactly how to nurture each aspect of the creation within their space of awareness. They don’t need things to be spelt out because they feel each of part the creation deeply and wholeheartedly. The earth and everything becomes their body as well. It is not possible to evolve without becoming a mother. There is no such a thing as the man who evolves in the cave as an absolute island unto himself. Such are corrupt escapist notions of spirituality that bare no relation to the truth. The truth is that as one evolves further, one becomes more and more a servant and nurturing mother to creation as a whole. Each action pours out from a centre of wholeness, contentment and wisdom. The false understanding that contentment comes from layers of conditional action, doing and acquisition is dispelled and one simply pours out in action from one’s own contentment into the world.

None of this is to say that one becomes weak, pacifistic and without boundaries. Because the true mother also knows how set boundaries, discipline and scold. Because cultivation does not mean that everything is simply petted, preened and treated with a fake kindness and charity. Cultivation is the process by which one actually grows and refines. The true mother knows how growth and refinement happen within the creation and she feels deeply how each being is to cultivate themselves in their own way.

Spirituality is so much more than just a momentary realisation that ‘I am in Everything and Everything is in Me’. This is only the beginning. To live this truth is a completely different thing than to merely understand it intellectually after a glimpse. Such a realisation, if genuine, precipitates the absolute transformation of the human being from a limited, conditional, merely self-concerned creature into a content, wise, selfless, all-embracing being that knows and understands the creation as they do their own body and being. To become that being, one has to expand self through true selfless-being based action in every single moment.

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