Breaking the Bond: Freeing Self from Physical & Subtle Parasites

Breaking the Bond Freeing Self from Physical & Subtle Parasites

Aging, decay and death result in one way or another from parasitism on both physical and subtle levels. In the creation there is a natural abundance of energy that is derived from the inner source of everything – awareness, which exists within the manifestation and is the reason for it. This immortal conscious essence or power is present in every conscious or unconscious being or object whether that object/being is aware of it or not within the creation. So why then is everything and everyone not immortal? If each thing partakes of and is nourished by that self-abundant source then, what causes that energy to exhaust or run dry, and what causes beings to wither on both physical and subtle levels? The answer to that question is that the process of conscious flow through which the manifested consciousness changes and the draining of energy through physical and subtle aspects of it happens. It means that something must be wrong with the flow of self.  Is this flow natural or that which drains one’s form? Consciousness seems to exhibit two qualities, the one that manifests as the flow within and the one that is flowing outwards and connects with other manifested forms of the physical or subtle matter. The flow that is going outwards could be considered the one of a draining nature and thus is parasitic. All the other elements in consciousness that push it into that draining flow are of the same parasitic nature. Because through the flow outwards the energy of that individual consciousness becomes someone else’s food or empowers something outside of self and drains one’s own form. 

When one awakens, one taps into and connects to the primordial natural awareness that is there naturally at all times within one’s individual mind-consciousness. When one learns to cultivate, integrate and live through this natural awareness then one begins to refine oneself and cultivate one’s own being into an immortal being by allowing one’s conditional aspects to be transformed through the absorption into that immortal essence. This is the fundamental science of Siddha Yoga that is found on simplicity, purity and selflessness. That natural awareness is always there. So, the question is, where has it been all that time one has remained unawares? Where is this awareness for the entire life of a being if one only begins to perceive it in glimpses now after a certain point?  And if one now perceives it in glimpses, then where is that awareness for the rest of the time? The answer is simple for those who have refined to the degree that they are able to observe these flows within with pure awareness. Such adepts are able to realise that for all the time one remains unawares, one is being drained in one way or another through various forms of parasitic elements within one’s consciousness that attract one’s consciousness outwards or push it into a motion. This motion in other words is nothing but thought and emotion waves, clusters and patterns within this individual consciousness.

The origin and the root of all the parasitic activity in one’s life is various appearances within the manifest world. The mind projects from itself a world that is coloured and conditioned in a certain way, and then tangles further with those perceived objects on the levels of ideas/thoughts, emotions and action. So, first and foremost parasites exist as thought and emotional forms or clusters that sustain their life through attention and conscious power. Literally, such thought forms require a certain amount of time each day, or each week that they must arise and overcloud the awareness manifesting through an individual stream of consciousness outwards and feed off it. However, they don’t always announce themselves as they are. Most of the people believe that these thoughts and emotions are they themselves. They simply identify with the reality that is comprised of these thought and emotional waves and take it for Reality. Yet, the true Reality remains concealed and hidden from their awareness that is mixed and tangled with the gross-emotional waves of conscious manifestation. Likewise, when there are physical parasites, they don’t announce themselves as ‘hello I am a parasite living within you, feed me!’ No, rather they excite one to thoughts in the form of craving, which arises simply as if it was one’s own expression of an essential need. And it all happens through the mechanism of one’s own mind with all its transitory faculties, physical brain and the digestive system. Streams of emotional, thought and mental activity arise as if it were one’s own native will manifesting, when rather it is the manifestation of the parasitic forms/elements within the consciousness that seek to feed off one by draining the conscious power through thoughts and emotions. Thus, the first step and the primary way to cut and to destroy all the subtle and physical parasites is to discern what is the natural, pure, equanimous being and what is the parasitic current or the energy that attaches to that and drains it continuously. When the parasitic activity within the mind itself is exposed, it becomes much simpler to expose the parasitic environment within the body and to realise the ways it all operates through one’s own bio-spiritual system. There’s no separation here between the subtle and the physical being, one flows out of and into one another and each complement one another.

Spiritual refinement is an integral process, but the key to its proper comprehension through one’s own being is constant awareness, and one’s readiness to work with the self on all levels and observe one’s own flow, patterns and fluctuations. Refinement that happens in the deepest recesses of the mind will always manifest on the level of the body and in the way one desires to treat and manage their body and the surroundings. If one doesn’t perceive everything within their individual scope of reality (the world) as the natural extension of oneself, one is in ignorance and is influenced by the parasitic conscious current within. Such a current can be recognised through strong victimisation programs and patterns and the way one perceives self and the world.

Most beings face issues on physical, emotional and mental levels in life because their physical and subtle levels are absolutely tangled with the parasitic elements. This means that, for example, one’s thoughts desires, feelings, cravings are all derived from these parasitic elements within the consciousness. Such subtle parasitic elements also push the body towards the activities that would lead one to either the promulgation of the physical parasites, like eating the food, which firstly contains and then later nourishes parasites, or activities that would open the door to further subtle parasites, like drinking alcohol, taking drugs or smoking, for example. These are quite obvious examples of parasitic or the activity directed towards self-draining and self-destruction. Nevertheless, subtle parasites are much harder to spot. They are the very inner drives that push one’s consciousness towards the entanglement with the manifested reality on both physical and subtle levels. Ideas, concepts beliefs and ideologies, certain social parental patterns and social or religious/spiritual programming are the parasites that run the show and push one’s individual consciousness into a veiled perception and comprehension of reality. Such veils are hard to eradicate. They are deeply rooted in one’s limited being and propel it through the manifested reality, making one a righteous victim, a foolish scholar and a destructive being towards the self and the Natural World.

When it comes to the physical parasites, first of all they need an entrance. This entrance may be through eating certain kinds of meat, drinking alcohol, eating unhygienically prepared or soiled food or taking from one’s surrounding environment (this could be through one’s spouse or a family member, or one’s dwelling, or through swimming in a dirty water body). Such parasites enter through the mouth or one’s skin. So if one is living in an environment with any parasitic activity then a simple act of putting one’s hand into one’s mouth may lead one to become infected. Furthermore, such parasites require a proper environment to thrive, the diet and the lifestyle that would sustain their existence. Such diet is the one that is rich in carbs, sugars and saturated fats that come through sweets, deserts, grains, alcohol or any other refined carbohydrate.

Such information is useful, yet it is hard to stick to. In order to recognise the value of such an information one is to be refined to a degree and matured through life experience.

However, if one has not refined one’s mind, and one’s existence is based on cravings, indulgence and procrastination, then the thought to remove physical parasites, let alone the will to put the parasite removal process into practice will never occur. This is because of the fact that ordinarily the individual active consciousness would be so thoroughly penetrated and enveloped by the parasitic veil that one would be locked into a mode of existence that would simply be a support for the existence of the physical and subtle parasites. In this case, one cannot consider oneself as an individual autonomous being, because in fact one is a host and a breeding ground for parasites.

Thus, the more one is able to refine the parasitic elements from the mind-consciousness, the easier it is to remove the physical parasites. The more one refines and purifies self on a bio-spiritual level, the more one is capable of a single minded, spiritualised focus that rides over the mundane, conditioned and parasitically imposed concerns or patterns of Reality filtration.

The path of Siddha Kundalini Yoga is the path from the state of fragmentation to wholeness and from the point of disintegration to the complete alignment and integration. The dispersion of the power of consciousness occurs through the parasitic activity, which fragments and obscures the natural conscious awareness and results in a corrupt, degraded flow of unconscious existence and ignorant or delusional interpretation of reality.

In this day and age, there are hardly any fully autonomous individual beings that live wholesomely through their natural awareness manifesting into a healthy, disease free and indestructible body (form).  The majority (despite their financial, religious/pseudo spiritual or social status) are just a collective swamp of parasitic activity directed away from the Natural World and towards the development of the man-made reality, that has been propelling itself through the Age of the down-cycle into corruption, parasitic existence, spiritual and physical degradation, disconnection from the essence of creation and natural existence and eventually towards self-destruction. True spirituality cannot be known and easily comprehended by the population deeply engrossed in various forms of parasitic activity towards themselves and the environment. Pseudo-spirituality is propelled by the same subtle parasitic tendencies towards logical mundanity or towards escapism and spiritual delusion. True spirituality is a subtle being inseparable from the natural balanced equanimous flow of existence, beyond thoughts, concepts, imagination, ideologies, judgement, interpretation, individual promotion or proposition. True spirituality has nothing to do with spiritual narcissism, or any limited conceptual knowledge. It can be comprehended by a few, it can be experienced by some, but in order to be that vessel of spirituality, one needs evolutionary maturity and courage to break through various layers of self-imposed and collectively promoted delusion. 

One becomes an autonomous being only by collecting one’s awareness within and cultivating one’s own inner power that is inseparable from the natural flow of awareness dwelling within, in itself without projection. The more inner power one cultivates the more one is able to cut through, refine and dissolve all the parasitic and draining elements within one’s consciousness. When the consciousness, and thus the form begin to radiate/emanate at a level that is beyond this corrupt earthly realm and produces a natural spiritual radiation or a spiritual invincibility shield against any parasitic activity, then any parasitism becomes simply irrelevant to one’s evolved being, for the fire of that unconditional, indestructible awareness burns everything impure within its space of conscious activity. 

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