Beyond Social Madness: Dimensions of Spiritual Learning

Spiritual learning is much deeper than most of the people know of, realise or are able to absorb at this point in time. True learning is not forced and cannot be forced. Forcing self to go into unnatural modes prematurely does more harm than good, and/or the effects are temporary. It is so because one is not just the body and should never approach spirituality from a solely bodily perspective without being awakened to one's subtle being.

Spiritual learning is much deeper than most of the people know of, realise or are able to absorb at this point in time. True learning is not forced and cannot be forced. Forcing self to go into unnatural modes prematurely does more harm than good, and/or the effects are temporary. It is so because one is not just the body and should never approach spirituality from a solely bodily perspective without being awakened to one’s subtle being. If one forces one’s body to go into various modes or even tries to manipulate one’s mind without truly understanding the root of one’s existence, which is the spiritual being, it is like trying to grow a flower without sunlight or water. The soil itself is not enough to bring forth the flower, and so it is with the human body. The human body exists only because it is the result of consciousness. This current consciousness is limited at this point in time because it is not consciously connected  through one’s individual body and mind with the Ultimate Awareness or the Universal Consciousness.

The voluntary, currently promoted new age ideas of self-development and evolution lack the primordial root in them, and are simply futile, confusing and just another sign of collective madness, on which someone cashes out. True Spirituality is not about marketing or subliminal messages that are supposed to lure one into believing that one is evolving. True spirituality is far beyond any well-presented, psychologically calculated and well-conveyed marketing strategies to attract people and offer them a new level or a new paradigm, just for them to find themselves again in half a year looking for another shot of novelty and a new way to reconstruct their life, diet and routine artificially. Such nonsense in the name of spirituality, unfortunately, prevails at this point in time, and young people especially are the ignorant and unfortunate target group for such spiritually promoted and marketed charlatans. Such people have no core, and all their teachings focus on how they promote themselves and their ignorant notion of success that is far from anything spiritual. It is the success of possession – possession of a house, a car, a wife, and social prestige. Such notions are far from true spiritual success when one simply is content and has or can have anything they need. In the false spiritual modalities for self-development however, one is simply promoted as a commodity or an ignorant spiritual being, whose ignorance leads others to financial ‘success’ and prosperity. Such success and prosperity, unfortunately, is illusory and/or temporary. And it is like lying to oneself, pursuing a golden goose and ending up in a den of wolves.

Young people are deeply disempowered from within by social, educational and management structures within the current society. Such beings are deeply fragile, victimised and addicted, or prone to addictions. Such an addictive attitude to life makes them easily a prey for spiritual charlatans that thrive on their ignorance, emotional misery and lack of awareness in such youth.

In this day and age, everything revolves around self-gratification, and narcissism, which are the signs of the collective deeply rooted  victimisation. In such cases, internally weak and disempowered beings, instead of looking within and working with their traumas and victimisation, look for easier ways to camouflage their weaknesses or try to prove to the world that they are something special. When one tries to prove to the world that one is something important, or special or otherworldly, one simply proves to the existence one’s own victimised state, weaknesses and internal imbalances that are socially accepted for normality.

Most of the world is emotionally, mentally and physically imbalanced and sick, and that is why, the sick forms of narcissistic spirituality prevail in this day and age, and the horror of this spirituality is yet to unfold in the years to come. Besides the religious agony and delusion, people involve themselves in more and more delusion in the name of pseudo-spirituality, commercial spirituality that runs around predictions and pseudo-prophets, oracles, and one’s desire to gain power or knowledge without much effort from within. The majority of people in this day and age believe that they can buy spirituality, spiritual power and true knowledge or the Ultimate Being. Such delusion leads them to an eternal longing and the search that never ceases.

Not really knowing the history of the true human origins as well as being absolutely ignorant on the account of human existence on earth, current human beings are taught to believe mainstream ideas and the science that says little to nothing about the essence of our existence, history and current evolution. Young people are even more disconnected from the true knowledge of the human origins and human history, the result of which makes everyone a potential future technological zombie – a prerequisite for a technocratic society and a well-manipulated slave-state, propelled through technology and biological manipulation of the main food sources.

Spirituality is like the space we live in, whether we breathe freely or we suffocate. The current day and age is the age of spiritual suffocation, where the restrictions are manipulated by sophisticated occult means and technology, and in which there is a huge gap between socially known technological advancements and those that are actually at the hands of the ruling elite. In order to be accepted for a wise and a successful being in this society, one needs to play a certain role, supporting the ruling elite, or at least being able to execute a certain task that is dictated from above. And such a situation definitely cuts down any possibility for average people to access true spirituality, because the true spirituality remains behind the curtains, unknown and hidden from the eyes of a socially mad society.

As a matter of fact, various imbalances and sexual perversions whether emotional/mental or physical have been gradually accepted for normality in the current society. We see that truly mentally imbalanced and sick people are hardly able to admit being sick, and thus such a society is doomed and any efforts to heal it are futile, unless some individuals within it realise themselves, by the virtue of their inner spiritual maturity, that they are mentally and emotionally imbalanced and sick and are thus able to work on it and gradually return to balance. Because the majority of the beings fail to admit that there is no solution or salvation for them. They are confident in their man-made success modalities and righteousness. Yet, the truth remains veiled. Thus, our spirituality turned into a way to please ourselves, comfort and lick our wounds, turning our minds to the illusion of ‘positive thinking’ or trying to find positivity in everything. The essence of life is not about escaping or trying to find positivity or negativity. Life is real. And this realism is a natural healthy sense of perceiving life as it is without judging it or drawing conclusions. True realism is when one states things as they are without emotions. Then everything is seen as a part of the current day and age and it is accepted as it is. Yet, the point of this writing is to explain that all that, which is stated above is not bad or good and one doesn’t need to do anything about it, it is what it is, and this is the day and age we are living in. Yet, when we want to find true spirituality or truly awaken to something that is of and beyond our imagination or ideas/concepts, one needs to, first of all, realise what is it that veils one’s mind from perceiving it as it is, in its natural way.

True spirituality is about coming back to the natural way or natural being, the natural mind without fireworks and hallucinations. If one is mature enough to embrace such a simplicity, one has a chance to surpass the collective madness and realise the truth for themselves, and only for themselves. The desire to prove others or teach them, or the desire to change or heal the collective simply signifies the seed of immaturity within that leads to further corruption if that seed is not uprooted and refined. Many people may have a glimpse of the natural being, yet they lack maturity and refinement, thus such experiences become their way to corruption or downfall.

The more one refines self, the more one leaves behind the notions of judgment, righteousness and of being special. One simply sees what one sees, says what one says and lives as one feels natural without involving the world into one’s being. The world is the extension of oneself, and the refined world so far, in this day and age, is the world without people. People have gone far from the natural being and the Natural World, that is why once one refines self, one remains less understood and more alone. And one’s maturity and the connection with oneself simply helps one to transit back into the Natural World, without demonstration or self-gratification. Truly realised beings do not interfere or interact with the world or hardly ever. If one leaves the man-made reality/world prematurely, one is simply an escapist and a mad man. A true departure from a man-made reality is but natural only because the true natural world is not man-made, it is Nature. 

An egoic man in Nature is a disaster. We see this disaster in the unnatural man-made religious/pseudo-spiritual environments, where people renounce prematurely and go to the Natural World with their man-made illusions, and the result of it is a disaster. We see the army of monks, sadhus, escapist in the name of yoga and or religion, etc., who bring their delusion into the Natural World and create an ego about themselves being ‘renounced’. This is not true renunciation. It is escapism when one brings all their delusion within into nature and tries to live as if they are a part of this nature. Out of these beings, hardly anyone realises any essence of existence, but rather they keep on recruiting an army of similar idiots and spiritual power-driven individuals who end up polluting the earth with their pseudo-spiritual presence. They turn into occultists. Such beings are far from spiritually evolved. They simply create another illusion for themselves, in which they dwell, tangle and feel comfortable. After all, the truth cannot be fooled, and the Ultimate is super intelligent and aware of each and every element within it. It cannot be fooled. That is why, the true knowledge and existence are still unknown to the current science and people.

As long as there is greed, desire for power and self-gratification, or an attempt to be something, one is obscured by the bodily, individually limited existence, and cannot go beyond it; as long as everything is seen and measured from the bodily point of view, one is ignorant. The moment one awakens and refines self through the subtle being, and the connection with the Ultimate is restored one has a chance to evolve further, provided, one does not stumble or get corrupt on the way again.

Taking into account all these points, true spirituality is so far unreachable for the majority of current beings and should not be attempted. The majority may keep on entertaining their imagination and limited bodily being with all sorts of diets, breathing techniques, drugs, bodily yoga and what not. Yet, the truth remains unknown. It self-protects and unfolds only in mature and selfless beings that are drops in the ocean of delusion. True spiritual science is the way to break through the limited bodily view on reality and to establish oneself in the awareness that abides various gross and subtle dimensions of self in a natural and integrated way.

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