Spiritual Awakening: Undoing The Non-Duality & Kundalini Delusion

Spiritual Awakening: Undoing The Non Duality & Kundalini Delusion

Spiritual awakening is one of the most exciting and at the same time mystical topics. Nowadays, many people claim to have had an awakening experience. The question arises whether they speak about the actual spiritual awakening or a form of becoming aware of their subtle body movements and various, previously accumulated occult afflictions that trigger subtle activity?

First of all, the true spiritual awakening is very rare. And random or coherent experiences of one’s subtle body or some subtle occult spiritual experiences do not mean that one has truly consciously awakened. Such experiences form a category of random transitory spiritual experiences and very often are afflictions, yet they may undoubtedly appear as exciting, mysterious and sometimes scary. Such experiences can be triggered by emotional dramas, uncontrolled emotional outbursts, long-term ancestral (curses, spiritual crimes, black magic, etc.) and other karmic afflictions, and mostly by drugs or other forms of legal or illegal stimulants as well as sex. For the majority of contemporary young people all such phenomena are considered to be a part of the modern everyday reality, modern spirituality and are attractive for those who are heavily involved spiritual drug culture. New Age spirituality promotes such corrupt ideas about spiritual awakening and drug-induced experiences in the name of real spirituality. 

The most important thing is to understand that all such magical or stimulated experiences are not a part of the natural, gradual spiritual evolution and conscious awakening. They simply cannot be. Our current society is demonised and addicted to technological devices and all sorts of stimulants that corrupt the brain, abuse senses and attach one to the man-made reality, making one’s mind action-driven, restless and incapable of grasping the essence of the Reality that is there at all times. True spirituality, however, is not a part of a man-made reality, no matter how greedy and fame-driven people are trying to persuade everyone otherwise. True spirituality is a natural flow. By realising and awakening to this natural unconditional flow one is able to realise the reality and tell it from the falsehood and pseudo-spirituality. This awakening, however, is not the one that is induced by drugs, that fades away or creates another ego-reality or dimension for one’s unrefined self. Such reality is purely simple and content in each moment, not temporarily, not because of a pill or a herbal solution, not because of any voluntary exercises or breathing techniques, and not because of any artificial sense of social belonging. True spirituality is free from voluntary actions. It is a natural outcome of one’s individual evolution of intelligence and natural morale along with it. 

That is why there is only one real spiritual awakening. Whether one chooses to call it a kundalini awakening, a conscious awakening, a non-dual awakening, or whatever else, human words and concepts veil that which is pure in essence, the ever-existent being, deluding ignorant people and pushing them to pursue something through their voluntary actions or pushing them to live in a drug-induced illusion or dream-like haze. There is only that singular awakening that reintroduces one to the primordial Being and initiates the process of natural self-refinement and transformation. Without having realised that equanimous being (Yoga, samadhi, equanimity, blissful being, etc.), which is the first step, one is not able to naturally refine and eventually transform.

Refinement and transformation are not voluntary-action-driven, they are a natural process of the gradual unfolding after the awakening. Through being able to bathe in one’s true being, one can realise all the falsehood of the man-made reality and simply learn to choose one’s life again in a different manner and from a refined perspective, after having realised the patterns, the programs, limited concepts and beliefs, and after having made peace with one’s past. It all may sound as if it is full of effort, yet if one holds on to the equanimous contentment and can recognise and admit falsehood, corruption and imbalance within the self, one keeps on choosing against the veils and inner corruption, and eventually refines the self.

Equanimous being is not an achievement but a natural conscious being that helps one to come out of the delusion of the man-made reality into a natural existence and refine self to a simple human existence free from falsehood, corruption and emotional imbalance. Only after having laid this foundation one is able to truly realise what true spirituality can be and is. As long as one dwells in any form or dimension of illusion and propels it within the self, one is a slave of a pseudo-reality and can only comprehend the corrupt spirituality. Even having genuine spiritual experiences, the unrefined mind will look for validation of one’s limited self and its corruption through these experiences. That is why, an experience itself is not a guarantee or a sign of true spirituality or true spiritual refinement and transformation. The experience comes and goes. If that experience caused a permanent shift and created an integrated perspective, in which one has improved one’s life on all levels without being tangled by any level, and one has at the same time managed to maintain one’s purity and wisdom, then such an experience has been a moment of a true spiritual shift and realisation. And such moments can be many. 

Spiritual evolution is continuous and eternal. It is the evolution of intelligence. If one has evolved in spiritual intelligence, and it has been reflected on one’s quality of life, wisdom and overall being then it is a sign of a true spiritual refinement that will lead one to a more profound spiritual and bodily transformation. If this is not happening, then one is deluding oneself, imagining spiritual awakening, progress and transformation. Unfortunately, for the majority to admit this simple truth is too much of a drama, and they would rather prefer cherishing a sweet dream of spiritual illusion. 

It is now common to talk about having a kundalini awakening, a non-dual awakening, an energetic awakening, a psychedelic-induced awakening, a shamanic awakening, and the list goes on… But what is, in fact, the real nature of these different kinds of awakening? In all of these different cases of self-reported awakenings, people speak about perceiving something beyond their current or previous standard of perception. 

When people are searching for an ‘awakening experience’ they often are drawn towards something that seems novel, mystical and supposedly ‘life-changing’ – ayahuasca ceremonies, group chanting, ‘tantric’ sex, organised spirituality where they no longer feel lonely or bullied, or one of the many other modalities that aim at providing a temporary peak experience or an easy solution for their currently victimised and traumatised self, and by means of such temporary and mainly sense-based and stimulated experiences they assume that they have been spiritually ‘touched’ or awakened. What most of these people experience however seems to be the subtle phenomena to which they have been ignorant or unawares of previously. Internal feelings, cooling or hot sensations, thrills, trance like states and other induced spiritual trips are the results of the overstimulation of the subtle body that is burdened by unrefined emotions, concepts, beliefs and ideas that immediately wrap up such experiences into a known concept or a religious belief with the purpose of explaining it to a limited unrefined mind. No doubt, such experiences can be shocking and exciting, and possibly are very important for the majority of those who experienced them. Yet, a lack of the actual scientific understanding of such phenomena leads the majority to more delusion, speculation and religiosity. That which everyone experiences in this case is simply an unrefined subtle body activity and possibly a number of different occult phenomena that is not a topic of this article.

We could also have somewhat ‘awakenings’ or internal and external breakthroughs by simply having new life experiences or, in other words, by opening up to new experiences, even by shifting to a new county or coming in touch with a new culture, traditions, etc., trying a different type of cuisine, listening to an uncommon genre of music or travelling. But if these things are not spiritual awakenings, then what defines or makes a ‘spiritual awakening’ special or different?

One may say that a spiritual awakening comes from a radical change or a true shift in perception. But what if we are blind up until ten years of age, and we are then somehow given the power to see. Will this not be a profound awakening? In this case, we will experience something beyond our previously accepted perceptual capabilities, and we may come to see life in a completely different way. But still, by the commonly accepted definition, this would not be a ‘spiritual awakening.’ 

In cases of spiritual awakening most people report that they perceive their identity on a more fundamental level and begin to proclaim things like, ‘I am everything. We are all one. I don’t exist.’ However, the Ultimate-Being does not fall into such categories, because in that Being there is no everything, no ‘we’, and no ‘I’ to exist or not to exist. There is only Space, the experience of which doesn’t fit quite so cleanly into spiritual platitudes that still contain within them the undertone of being special, greater or more advanced, and rather than being a sign of any kind of genuine awakening or spiritual achievement, this is rather the signature of the unrefined mired-in-illusion self that is afraid of just being and constantly has to project its own existence onto something tangible – even if that something, in this case, happens to be ‘nothing!’ Thus, our contemporary spirituality is understood in a human bodily context rather than as it actually is. As long as we perceive ourselves solely as a body, our perception of spirituality relates to the body only, and the more we awaken to the subtler forms of existence as the self, the more we expand the boundaries of our spirituality. 

The actual transmission of the Ultimate Reality that is present in a truly awakened conscious being cannot be confined to any kind of spiritual statement, or even to any temporary energetic experience. People tend to think of a tangible energetic/physical experience or a movement in the body as some kind of a ‘proof’ of an authentic awakening, and if some other being happens to be able to induce such a phenomenon in another human being then it is taken as a proof of a genuinely evolved ‘master’.  However, in this day and age we are ignorant about the entire subtle spectrum of this existence that we often take in a very limited human context related to the limited bodily existence, and thus, if someone is able to give us a temporary energy buzz, or induce spontaneous movements in our subtle and/or physical body, or a release of some suppressed emotions/traumas then we take this as a sign of having found a spiritual ‘holy grail’. And this happens only due to our absolute unawareness and a complete lack of knowledge about our existence as a wholesome being rather than as a limited being.

All we currently know about ourselves is fluctuating emotions, mental tags, ideas and beliefs. Such ideas and beliefs can be manipulated and played with – being not established in the actual reality of self-being, one becomes an easy tool in the hands of occultists calling themselves ‘teachers’, ‘gurus’ and ‘masters’. The majority of such beings are deeply corrupt and have only a limited knowledge on hypnosis, psychological and subtle energy manipulations wrapped up in a bookish spiritual knowledge and theories. Such manipulations however are not at all a sign of a highly realised, truly refined and immortal being. On the contrary, such pseudo-masters feed off the energy of people who worship them and are mostly possessed by occult powers and entities that bring them personal fame, money and recognition, in return offering such powers and entities a crowd of ignorant souls who stupidly grant access to their very being in the name of spirituality, being deluded and spiritually degraded and corrupt through such ‘teachers/gurus/masters’ and their limited teachings. The reason for such an alliance between a corrupt teacher and an ignorant being lays in the ignorant being’s desire for power, fame, money and self-recognition or at least a validation for being special and/or a chosen one. It is these tendencies that lead such a prey into a trap. Yet, both have one and the same link through which such an alliance is possible. The more we are corrupt within – the more we draw to ourselves corruption from the outside, and spirituality is not any exception to this. Spiritual predators are nearly as many as sexual ones, and both types of predatory action often complement each other.  

Many paths openly offered and well-marketed in this day and age are a mish-mash of different pseudo-spiritual, limited pieces of information picked up from a variety of different sources. The beings who lead these paths vary from being absolutely self-centred, corrupt, insane and abusive, to being half-baked yogis who have had a selection of different experiences, perhaps met some other self-proclaimed masters in India, China, Africa, Latin America, Australia and other parts of the world and read a lot of scriptures. Such pseudo-advanced beings may have a slightly more gravitational presence or even an overblown by insanity and spiritual narcissism charisma, which is more than an ‘average Joe’ victimised, fearful and low in self-esteem spiritual seeker. It is this contrast in unrefined states that creates the predator/prey dynamic and provides the irresistible temptation for such self-proclaimed ‘masters’ to go out, teach and ‘transmit’.

Yet, what is actually that, which is being transmitted? The essence of transmission is the emanation of the being. A veiled being transmits the being through the veils to the other veiled beings that resonate with these veils and thus perceive them. Such transmission is the transmission of veils, be it emotional, mental, conceptual or occult, etc. These veils may be seen as a collection of disjointed energetic experiences, incomplete knowledge, dogmatism and occult-charisma that still rests upon the underlying corrupt frame of a limited human experience, which makes such beings (self-proclaimed teachers) vulnerable, when collected in a ‘spiritual group’-like setting to be a vehicle for other energetic/ subtle and even occult forces to feed on the spiritually explorative yet naive masses. (In this case, through possession).  

Many corrupt beings transmit a conscious/vital force that may appear as being more powerful than a typical spiritual seeker’s (an effect often achieved through the recipients’ submission or projection of their own power onto another), yet this force is limited to their own control over their energy or conscious force and belief in themselves, and is often cultivated through either occult practices (in which the energy working through these ‘masters’ is not their own, but rather that of a more powerful entity or a group of entities), or through other mundane energetic exercises. Such a transmission, instead of being a catalyst for transformation, self-cultivation and refinement, will instead act as a draining force to feed those entities and empower and propel that self-proclaimed ‘master’ more on a worldly and superficially spiritual level.

Such a phenomenon could be considered as a spiritual vampirism that has attraction at its core, this attraction however is predatory and plays out as an irresistible charisma or magnetic force that aims at drawing it’s pray closer to the epicentre. The epicentre is mesmerising and hypnotic, where normal rationality and conscious evaluation fail. Such energetic enslavement in the name of spirituality is a common widespread spiritual experience of the majority, where it is usual for one to wake up at some point, having being enslaved and stripped off resources, including one’s spiritual and energetic essence. Current spirituality is nothing but this, whether the majority wants to recognise it for being that or refuses to see it that way. Through this process of spiritual entanglement or enslavement, those who are spiritual predators under whichever names/titles and spiritual or religious traditions or teachings, are further propelled as their energy fields grow richer at the expense of their hapless students who are eventually sucked dry on all levels, be it energetic, physical, emotional or financial.

There’s no mercy or high spiritual intelligence or morale in these so called self-proclaimed masters or hypocrites or occult vampires. They are driven by the sole desire to acquire energy and power from others (in the form of money, properties, connections, etc.) For this, they’ll stop at nothing, claiming new titles, miracles, offering as if new ‘old’ teachings and practices, as well as employing media, public/ online promotion and occult means as attraction methods to mesmerise, delude and give more hope to the already confused, ideologically and spiritually lost and victimised public. Yet can we blame these so called proclaimed masters for being who they are or using whichever tools they have got at hand? No, their existence is supported by the mere existence of the victimised, spiritually cut-off society that knows nothing more than the bookish, conceptual and dry knowledge about themselves and a science, locked in the human reality and wrapped in bodily senses and perceptions. Such a limited notion of existence within us and about us, draws us nowhere else but into the arms of those who simply support our limited ideas of ourselves and the reality, making us once again the slaves to our own ignorance and delusion. Being a victim or a slave then is nothing but our personal conviction and a motive to live in the world of our own self-built barriers and limitations of a human locked in a bodily carcass with an idea of false freedom and technological progress. 

On the other hand, those rare almost inexistent at this point of time beings whose evolutionary time on this planet allowed them to expand beyond the human limitations and bodily restrictions and who refined themselves to the very depth of their subtle being, and who established themselves in the Ultimate Reality and integrated that into the vibrant, radiating light-body, do not transmit anything in particular – they do not intentionally or egoically (in a limited human context way) transmit anything human, emotional or ‘spiritual’. They exist, and they transmit the simplicity and purity of that existence-being that they are in their very core. There is no conditional content to the transmission, nothing is conditionally passed on or transferred. The depth of the presence simply radiates and transmits the being-knowledge-existence to other beings who come into such a space of consciousness. These humans are then transformed through merely coming into the frame of that consciousness. It is never possible to fully grasp such a transmission, just as it is not possible to stare into the sun without going blind. We perceive the transmission to the extent we can and often times we want to explain it, box it or put it again in a certain limited framework of human existence, creating followings, worship, projections of our own power and thoughts, again and again disempowering ourselves at the core, being simply unfit to perceive such a pure reality and being of ourselves for long or to cultivate it within.

We again and again want to project rather than contain and refine, we want to explain and discuss, question and doubt rather than directly perceive the very essence of existence through simple being. Why? Because all we look for is another validation for our limited bodily existence. And all our spirituality again and again reduces to the bodily existence, like the phoenix reduces to the ashes to once again awake to its true potential. And so it happens to our spirituality, it leaves the veils for a while and wraps up again into the veils of those who need these veils, who crave complexity and miracles, for those who live through and by the body. Because those who free themselves from such notions are free from the world of the ignorant and thus cannot be known to this world. Their transmission is then everywhere as the space, unlimited and potent. Go and find them.  They are no longer ‘them’, they simply are the very existence vibrating and radiating at a high spiritual frequency unknown at this day and age to an average human being, how then can this average human simply recognise, appreciate or truly know within their own being such an existence without falling asleep, falling into slumber or bowing down into submission? And perhaps their form is just for a show to break the human limitations and ideas of spirituality. Thus, fools buy into forms, success, presentation and miracles. The rare genuinely mature beings perceive and refine, evolve and transform. They know the existence beyond words and empty promises. They vanish from the known limited time and space and dwell in eternity. Eternity however is devoid of human ideas of happiness or achievements or enlightenment or compassion. That’s why those who still live through such notions fail to spot existence under their very nose and keep on searching for it in the delusional self-projected reality. They lose vitality and eventually perish. Good luck in your journey.

Whatever is there has to be reflected through whatever is currently vibrating within our space. This transmission is not there to fill one with any ideas, energy buzzes or concepts. Such a transmission just is, and it connects one to the fact that reality just Is. And this ‘Isness’ is not just a word, it is the very simplicity and wholeness of Space itself. Such transmission allows one to reconnect with that Space, and through that Space to perceive everything within self that obscures its equanimous, pure and content essence.

Everybody is made up of different patterns, and it is these patterns that will be revealed through the real awakening. One is always to unfold and refine through one’s individual frame of conditioned and misinterpreted perceptions. A being who goes through this genuine process of refinement and transformation, often with the guidance of a genuine Master, will gain a deep inner-knowing of the path and Reality and will not need to make premature non-dual proclamations or say that they have had any kind of kundalini awakening or any other nonsense. There is nothing to say, preach or teach, but rather one slowly fills oneself more and more with that Space and empties themselves of everything else (of an illusionary nature). This way, true spirituality is always concealed by its own power of purity and inner grace. The true teacher, teaching and the one who aims at containing this teaching simply connect in one space of being, through humility, simplicity and purity, in one dance of life without tags and titles, realising and refining, transforming and merging into the eternal flow of existence. Such is a rare connection and such is a rare phenomenon of awakening to such a possibility. 

The awakening is just Being itself. That being is timeless, but if you wish to impose a time-constraint upon it then there may seem to be a moment of awakening and a moment before awakening and a long process of refinement or disillusionment, through which one returns to the natural self-being. So what can all of these different awakenings tagged by various fancy names like kundalini, non-dual, energetic, psychedelic, shamanic, etc. point towards, if the Ultimate Reality is simple, unexplainable and simply profound and yet fundamental in its transmission? Those words point to a complex human mind that wishes to pull these certain, so-called spiritual experiences into its limited and conditional frame of reference, language and pattern. The Ultimate Reality is beyond it all, and is not limited to words, energy and experiences. Consciousness is energy in all respects, radiation and intelligence, yet it is simply life, and being and existence. Human notions fail before the true essence of Conscious Existence that cannot be defined or measured by such limited ideas as energy, flow, awakening or non-awakening, duality or non-duality. Silence and Vibration are the pillars through which one escalates beyond any of such notions into the Space of existence, that contains it all, that is wholesome and yet is nothing that we can possibly know of.

When one has been penetrated at least to some degree by that Being then one is able to see in an instant the emptiness and paucity of any spiritual gossip or fake merely speculative reports. The Being recognises itself. Illusion recognises itself. And for a time, we exist with both of these magnetic conscious currents or forces of one reality, active within us, one pulling towards the essence and the other, pulling towards the illusion or the manifested. Eventually, there has to be a moment, when one blasts past the gravity of the devolutionary force, and comes to the existence beyond that perception entirely. And this leads one to coming to the possibility to experience a true awakening, when one realises that the transmission of a truly refined being is of a different gravity and bends and transforms the realm of illusion in which it may seem to appear.

One’s recognition of ‘what is what’ is based upon what one already perceives fundamentally within the self and not otherwise. With time this recognition matures and one ceases to resonate equally with the radiation of the earthly collective falsehood and delusion of the current age. The collective consciousness, with its spiritual illusions and corruption, is seen as if within the palm of one’s hand. One perceives all the false paths because one has become that true path. One merges with Space and one’s form becomes a conscious vehicle for that space on a multidimensional level. This path may be called Siddha Kundalini Yoga, but it is, in fact, nameless and not limited by words. This way consciousness within the limited and beyond the limited evolves.

At some point, a certain truth was breathed into certain words and a certain language for the sake of the transmission of knowledge. In this day and age, many such words are abused and used simply as slogans and taglines. Thus we can no longer look for the path in words, for it has been hidden behind the words. To perceive and recognise the true path, one must first learn to perceive Self, clearly, simply and unconditionally, and only then the real transmission, awakening and transformation may be experienced, deeply understood and unfold naturally. 

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