Choice of words defines the level of realisation. Higher consciousness conveys information in the form of transmission in a particular sequence of words, that transmission can be felt on the body and mind of the recipient. This is the way to invoke the seed of knowledge within the other and the way to preserve authentic knowledge intact against verbal distortions or any possible misinterpretation. This is the path of passing knowledge and awakening. This path is the Siddha Kundalini Yoga and Siddha Param-Para. 


The Spontaneous Teachings of Jivanmukti On The Essence of Spiritual Awakening & Siddha Kundalini Yoga

This book is a record of the Spontaneous Teachings of Jivanmukti (comprised of Jivanmukti’s correspondence with spiritual seekers), which emanate Higher Knowledge and Wisdom embodied and transmitted through Jivanmukti’s presence. Jivanmukti’s words carry in them an immense spiritual power to return one to the natural flow of life, to invoke the living spiritual teaching within and to dispel illusions on the path of awakening and self-refinement. Any genuine spiritual seeker would benefit greatly from this inspiring Book and the rare spiritual gems that it contains.


People do not create scriptures. Scripture is the very testimony & the presence of the Ultimate (Being) in the form of words. True scripture is the emanation and transmission of higher consciousness upon the paper by means of words. True scripture is not the words but the presence of the enlightened being transferred into the sequence of words. Those who are awakened & enlightened know all the scriptures within themselves through inner silence & absorption into the core of the Being. 



Volume I: The Key to Bio-Spiritual Immortality

Siddha Param-Para is a rare transmission and an initiation into the depths of Siddha Kundalini Awakening and Siddha Teaching. The experience of the  Book is the first experience of the path itself. This unique Shaktipat Book is a living testimony of the actual process of bio-spiritual evolution within a human being. It transmits the essence of the authentic Siddha Kundalini Yoga Path of awakening, absorption, and human Alchemy. The flow of words itself invokes the experience of spontaenous meditation — absorption into the natural being by turning one’s mind within. Siddha Param-Para is an invaluable source of experiential knowledge on the path of contemplation, self-refinement and self-realisation.