You can expect us to protect your privacy.

SYA collects your name and email address for the purposes of identifying you; for receiving donations; for adding you to the email list so that you will receive Newsletters and the details and updates of current and future programs; and to allow you to participate in the interactive features of PROGRAMS & MATERIALS.

Where applicable, when a product is purchased, SYA collects your mailing address solely for the purpose of shipping your item to you.

SYA also collects any additional information that applicants provide to SYA through the Registration Form. SYA uses the Registration Form only for the purpose of getting familiar with applicants, understanding their reasons for contacting or signing up, and to note which specific program or event the applicant would like to enroll in.

All personal data and information that you provide to SYA is kept in strict confidence and is not used for any collateral purpose.

SYA may only otherwise use your personal data and information where properly required by law enforcement; to protect the personal safety of others; to protect SYA against legal liability; or to protect the property rights of SYA.

SYA does not sell or share your email address or any other personal data and information to third parties. We do not track your website usage or process your usage data in any way. We do not use cookies. We do not make any use of your IP address.

SYA keeps your personal data and information only for as long as is needed, and each year sends out an email to all inactive contacts asking if they still would like to receive SYA correspondence. This is for the purpose of deleting the personal data and information of inactive contacts.

SYA offers contacts an option to unsubscribe from email Newsletters.

If you have provided any personal data or information to SYA that you would like deleted from our records, updated or corrected, you may contact SYA, and your personal data or information will be changed/deleted as requested.

If you have any concerns about your personal data or personal information, you may contact SYA, and your request will be addressed by an SYA MEMBER.


These Terms and Conditions apply equally to all participants, students, volunteers and supporters.

These Terms and Conditions apply to persons as well as to all business entities.

These Terms and Conditions take precedence and override any other oral or written communication, representation or agreement, made between you and SYA or an SYA MEMBER, that is contradictory to these Terms and Conditions.

SYA reserves the right, at all times, to terminate your enrollment in PROGRAMS & MATERIAL with or without cause. Termination is without prejudice to such rights and remedies as may be available to SYA, including injunction and other equitable remedies.

You understand that all terms contained in the “PROHIBITED USE, OWNERSHIP & COPYRIGHT” section of these Terms and Conditions have indefinite effect, and you agree to be bound by all of those terms indefinitely, notwithstanding the termination of your enrollment, the completion of your program, and/or the ending of your relationship with SYA.

SYA reserves the right to change or update these Terms and Conditions at any time.

If any provision of this document is properly deemed unlawful or unenforceable, such provision shall be severed and shall not affect the enforceability of any other provision.

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