Embodying the Teaching An Adept's Journey with Jivanmukti

Our Senior Adepts have been empowered by Jivanmukti to offer this service and sharing Senior Adepts are able to offer extensive answers, a one-on-one introduction to the teaching, sufficient basic guidance and an experiential perspective of the path. You may also contact senior Adepts for Siddha Healing Solutions, Rudraksha & other Siddha Power Items recommendations. During a session with a Senior Adept you may receive clarification about various aspects of the spiritual journey, learn more about the path and how to join Shaktipat Stream. Donation for the session is 49€.


The keys to spiritual evolution are immersion, interaction & integration. Sessions with Jivanmukti are of a spiritually awakening and absolutely transformative nature, during which one is immersed in the powerful spiritual presence and returns to the natural unconditional being, meditative absorption, by means of which one gains the realisation of one’s own distortions and conditionings. Even a simple interaction with Jivanmukti is an exposure to a powerful spiritual field that invokes that natural essence of the self, returns one to the natural flow of being and initiates one into the subtle dimensions of the self. These sessions carry a seed of spiritual activation, and touch anyone who experiences them.

Through one-on-one sessions and guidance with Jivanmukti one is initiated into a more direct and personal process of transformation as Jivanmukti will see into your being and bring attention to the subtle obstructions & emotional/mental/spiritual misalignments, which prevent one from realising one’s own inherent blissful & equanimous nature so that one can manifest a content, materially abundant and harmonious life. By learning to see how the distortions and misalignments in one’s own consciousness reflect into the very external circumstances of one’s own life, one is then able to refine one’s perception and transform one’s life circumstances and the way one manifests life experience. 

 If you wish to get in touch with Jivanmukt directly, yet are not a part of Shaktipat Stream, book a session with Senior Adept first and present yourself and your interest in the teaching, or enquire about having a session with Jivanmukti by filling in a registration form. One-on-one session with Jivanmukti is upon a gratitude donation of180 €/session.