Small group Shaktipat Stream retreats & pilgrimages with Jivanmukti are a powerful source of spiritual presence & experience, rare knowledge sharing through transmission, inner awakening, psycho-spiritual unfolding, refinement, and transformation. Such invaluable natural experience cannot be described in words. True knowledge is a powerful radiation of a pure spiritual being. Such radiation is beyond words or actions, yet permeates all the words and actions. It is the presence that shifts one’s very being, transforms in silence and initiates one into deeper layers of self-awareness and Being.


*The minimum gratitude donation is 120 € / per day. If you wish to participate, yet have questions or concerns send us an email.


Jivanmukti, Thank you for the retreat and for your kindness and generosity. The reasons I liked it are listed below in order. 1.) Open eyes transmission. That was very powerful and I was seeing your aura and the energy was thick in between us. 2.) Transmission while you were chanting and singing out loud. 3.) Regular transmission is always good and puts me into samadhi meditation. 4.) Watching you do spontaneous yoga postures. 5.) Since it was a small group there was more personal interaction with you and it was easy to get to know the other students. 6.) The walks and outdoor transmission were fun. 7.) The meals together were enjoyable. I also liked the hotel. It was quiet. The rooms were nice. The breakfast was good. I also worked out twice at the gym next door. Thank you!


Retreat in Europe, 2019

Dear Jivanmukti I’m back home according to schedule. Everything was smooth and easy. Thank you for intense meditations and good company!

C. M.

Retreat in Europe, 2019

Dear Jivanmukti, I am safe back at home! It was a heavenly retreat for me. As you said once: “a life-changing experience “ Thank you so much.

M. V.

Retreat in Europe, 2019

Though it is not widely understood, the choice to attend retreat with a being such as Jivanmukti is a supreme act of Grace. One might say the Grace emanates from the Siddha being, but in fact conditions must be such that the participant is ripe for Param-Para (Transmission) to take place. In my own personal experience, such Grace arises in concordance with personal efforts toward perceptual and emotional refinement, ending the corresponding cycle(s) of victimhood. The retreat experience is both a culmination of prior refinement(s) and an initiation into the next stage. For those who are ready, it is the perfect next step. I share this testimonial with utmost gratitude in being so blessed.


Retreat in Europe, 2019

I took part of my first retreat with Jivanmukti without any past experiences of retreats. As well having no expectations as to how or what way this will end up being like. The meditation sessions with the presence of Jivanmukti were one of the most absorbed and deepest I have had before. Also, the vast knowledge shared through the duration of the retreat was every bit as valuable as the states of absorption and contemplation during the daily meditation sessions. After receiving the Initiation by Jivanmukti at the retreat is where I started to sense the movement of energy in the physical body much stronger than ever. It was not overwhelming but noticeably present and blissful. Truly a unique experience and a step further in the refinement of the self. Returning back from the retreat the physical vibrations and absorption were not left behind. Lasting about a week, the strong energetic movement settled in the body but the change in perspectives and understanding of the self has been gradually evolving since then. Thank you Jivanmukti for your ever supportive presence, grace, and guidance on this path.


Retreat in Europe, 2019

The experience of attending the retreat with Jivanmukti is one of a kind. Words can only attempt to relate such an experience, as it is necessary to experience such things first hand. Jivanmukti to me, is a Profound, groundbreaking, clear, fresh and thoroughly "alive" teacher. She comes from a place of deep realisation and direct experience. She emanates effortlessly, this authentic, natural Spirituality which is thoroughly integrated and which encompasses all areas of life. Participation in such an immersion is not something you go to and then forget. The experiences and teachings which were related there have deeply implanted themselves into my psyche and almost daily keep me on track towards a richer and more content, clear life. For aspirants who do not underestimate the in most cases immense effort and dedication that is required, a retreat immersion with Jivanmukti can be an invaluable, liberating and highly uplifting experience.

Max T.

Retreat in India, 2018

I had a fantastic time in the retreat. Of course, the main draw was Jivanmukti. Not only is she a true Siddha, who emanates the same vibes as the Jeeva samadhis of southern India, she is also friendly, down to earth and accessible. The arrangements were very professional. We were given a couple of nice tours of the surrounding nature. I very much enjoyed spending time with the other retreat participants, who were all quite pleasant.


Retreat in Europe, 2019

Dear Jivanmukti Thank you for an enriching retreat! I was grateful to meet you in person, and I realise that the personal relation is important to me. I enjoyed your hospitality, and it was a pleasure to meet the other guys, too. After the retreat the energy was significantly heightened, and especially in the first week I had some intense experiences. Now things are back to normal, whatever that is. It seems like there is some kind of shift in my process. The shakings/vibrations have disappeared! After almost six months of constant shakings/vibrations they’re as good as gone. Occasionally there are bursts or jolts followed by emotional/physical release. Now I experience long deep breathing with the sound of air moving in the throat. Like Ujjayi Pranayama, but spontaneously and sometimes deeper, accompanied by bliss and a sense of a void, often in my mouth, sometimes in my energy field. My hands are often moving spontaneously with the energy in different patterns. As if enhancing the energy. Sometimes virtually grabbing “something” in my abdomen and lifting it up. Uprooting distortions, releasing tensions or just sensing the void.


Retreat in Europe, 2019

Hi Jivanmukti First of all many many thanks to you again for sharing your presence and knowledge at the Retreat. It was a real honour and privilege to meet you. When I calm my mind or let's say be in absorption, I feel a rise of subtle vibration not only in the brain but in the lower abdomen region as well. The more absorbed I am the more I feel it. Always grateful for your help.


Retreat in Europe, 2019

...I can only say that you are exceedingly clear in your communications on this topic and I thank you for that (although not everybody might see that right away, it takes dedication and effort to see that). I also am most grateful for a most illuminating retreat and hope all is well with you. -


Retreat in Europe, 2019

Dear J, This last retreat with you was really amazing. Like I said it even the last day of the retreat , I felt like everything that I experienced along with your talks, reading scriptures and my inner feeling about the reality we are living in, were harmoniously mixing together so that there was not even the slightest contradiction in anything. Everything was just a confirmation of whatever I have read, and I am feeling from within. I feel very blessed to have had the chance to participate in all of these retreats, especially the last one.


Retreat in Europe, 2019

It seems that my whole life has become one long retreat. Each day seems to be a lifetime in and of itself. Yet, coming on an ‘offical’ retreat with you always gives me the time and space and inspiration to focus on awareness for its own sake, and to discover something new, a deep layer, to take back into the busyness of daily life where the real work on self is actually done. During this last retreat I began to see that my original state/space of simplicity holds everything within it. My selfishness is held by a deeper selflessness; my complexity is held by total simplicity; and my anger and discontent is merely a superimposition on a space that is forever serene and content. Seeing this I am able to accept myself fully and allow my limitations to be permeated by that which is unlimited – the natural equanimous being itself. I thank you for your visible & invisible blessings and for holding me within this space of constant transmission & grace.

J. H.

Retreat in Europe, 2019