This unique in this day and age Shaktipat Book is a living transmission of the actual process of bio-spiritual evolution within a human being. It transmits the essence of the authentic Siddha Kundalini Yoga Path of awakening, absorption, and human Alchemy. The flow of words itself invokes the experience of spontaneous meditation – absorption into the natural being by turning one’s mind inwards and restoring the natural flow of one’s being. Siddha Param-Para is an invaluable source of experiential knowledge on the path of contemplation, self-refinement, self-realisation, and transformation.





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I have been reading Siddha Param-Para steadily since receiving it a couple of months ago before joining SS. So far I am on page 342. I'm not a book reader (I've maybe read a couple books over my entire life) but I can easily see myself reading this book over and over again! The transmission is strong when I read in a relaxed, calm way. Another thing I noticed with it is that it’s almost as if the book/your consciousness within the book, is tuned into my life happenings/consciousness. By that I mean it seems as if things will happen in my life which coincide with the topic that I'm busy reading. For instance, if I'm contemplating about something for a few days I will read the book and the same topic will occur. Thank you again for this wonderful gift! It will be cherished and taken care of for the rest of my life for sure.


This book is amazing, shattering illusions and new age B.S. that is so trendy nowadays. The depth of subjects covered is truly incredible, and I look forward to more surprises as I dive deeper. Even though I know this is the right time, I wish I had started this journey a long time ago!

Timothy K.

It is very interesting that many years ago I tried different psychotherapies and analysed myself for decades, but none of the psychological methods were useful. I did not know that psychology was so limited. I was not able to get closer to myself. After reading your book and listening to your videos I am able to get closer to my self! It is beyond words, I know. And it is so good that my consciousness has started to expand.


Dear Jivanmukti, I have been reading and re-reading your book for about 2 months now and almost everything has changed. The way I look at life and how I live it and what I think of spirituality. Everything has undergone a deep transformation. I can’t thank you enough for writing such a valuable book. It’s the only book that I read now. For a few months I had been experiencing various pains and aches and heat but after reading your book and contemplating and working on my emotions I have begun to feel spontaneous warm bliss, absorption and happiness on occasions. The pains have almost disappeared. However I still have a long way to go in emotional refinement. My transformation is also very cyclical as mentioned in your book. Before the Solar Eclipse this month I had a massive fear purge. I faced a setback at work which was just a reflection to make me work on fear that is inside me. I was very anxious and fearful but was still able to work through and release some of it and gain some equanimity and bliss. I am looking to work on some more purging during the energy of the next eclipse and could use the guidance.


Dear Jivanmukti, page 593 The world is not created. It is manifested. Many days ago, I asked the Siddha Param-Para Book to show me what is relevant to me to know and this phrase took completely my attention. I can say from my experience that is true. THANK YOU, dear Jivanmukti, for your blessings and the Siddha Param-Para Book alive.


Dear Jivanmukti, During my long search and study I have read a lot of books, but your's, which I bought shortly after the publication, brought me in contact with a new kind of reading. After having read the whole book I could not resist to do it all over again, it was all too much to understand, to digest. And indeed, after some insights and realisations during last 2 years, I learned and saw that rereading made me discover more and more the richness of the book. For a searcher the book speaks so to say to the reader. But the more experience one has, the more satisfaction one has. This added to the comments made in the weekly sessions opened a new window to spirituality for me. One is challenged to discover further, the hunger even inreases the more one explores the book. Thank you very much dear Jivanmukti.


Jivanmukti, Somehow the book arrived yesterday. Kind of miraculous that something can be sent around the world that fast! The presentation and design is incredible, and I can tell that I will be studying this book for the rest of my days. Already the pictures and words transmit their spiritual energy. This book is for all-time. Thank you for the incredible gift. A gift to the world / humanity.


Thank You, Jivanmukti for your book. It means such a great deal to me. I really can not explain it in words. I feel the energy and absorption sometimes just reading it or even looking at the yellow circle on the cover. Also I am much more aware of my actions and how much feelings control me.It resonates...the being but is so profoundly different then how I have been in life. Thank you for all you do!

Jay P.

Hello Jivanmukti, My name is Isaac. I have been following your videos for about 3 years now. I have bought your book and have read it completely through. It was a huge stepping stone for me. So I want to thank you. And find out if I could possible attend this shaktipat with you. Something released after doing your advanced shaktipat with me the other day. And I was obviously led back to you. Thanks for your time, much love much much love.


Very rarely will you find a book that not only speaks to the mind but also to the soul. Jivanmukti's "Siddha Param-Para: The Key to Bio-Spiritual Immortality" is one of those books. It covers many different subjects, including the branches of yoga, kundalini awakening, spiritual alchemy, the emotional reality, siddhas, siddhis, and much more. However, more important than the mental knowledge conveyed is the book's unique ability to provide experiential knowledge. While reading I found myself constantly slipping into deep absorption, where the truth was revealed to me within. This is real, direct knowledge, beyond words. And for this I am truly grateful. I am confident that this book will provide valuable guidance to those who are ready for it, as it has so eloquently done for me. Thank you Jivanmukti.


Dear One, Something happened yesterday evening while reading the Book. A calm descended upon me. It was subtle but palpable. The fear was gone and what remained was calm and peaceful. It was a shift, it was Grace. It was equanimity. All of a sudden everything was OK again. I didn't DO anything. It just happened. My perception shifted. As I begin this day the feeling of 'everything is OK' is still with me. It's like an inner strength I didn't know about. The message is always the same. Let go and trust my Self. Thank You for being there, for Your guidance, Your kind words and Your equanimity. I will send my Saturday question in a follow up email later today.


Many times the book really saved my life, especially when I was unaware, in pain and in the total darkness of ignorance. Siddha Param-Para raised my vibration and so, just by reading a phrase or a small paragraph, the veil was removed and I was able to get back to my core being. Having the book next to me, seems like having Jivanmukti in the house at all times, its vibration can be felt even by a less sensible reader. The emanation of the book seems to be gradually burning inner distortions and misconceptions, after the aeons of ignorance and spiritual sleep, leaving a place for a new Self to re-emerge.


Blessings inside infinity. Thank you for the book. Your gift of transmission & dialogue bring the absolute ever-changing changes that I am consciously experiencing. It is beyond "words" on my part, especially since it is the truth that has always been felt by my being. To begin to know that my being & all that is encompassed by it, was completely "in reverse" perspective really hammered me. To know that my being created all of my "angels", "demons" & all in my existence, was beyond any interpretations. Through eons of collective consciousness beliefs, "God", "Source", "Divinity" etc, also were recreated in innumerable ways. There is simplicity in my questions to you., Our existence is infinite, so I will make the opportunity to speak with you Jivanmukti. Thank you.


I am so glad I got the book. While I was reading some passage about letting go of the past I got some flashes about my past that I haven't thought of before. The depth of the book it's absolutely incredible. It's like nothing else i've read before. Also I realised that I need to let go of unnecessary information that I have read/listened to before on spirituality since I now see most of it was wrong and limited. Also yesterday during my meditation I felt for the first time stillness. It didn't last long but for the first time I felt still (to a deeper degree than before ). I am contemplating on what we talked about in our last session , I can see now more things about myself more clearly (it's as if now when I think about the past I can see more of a bigger picture intstead of "my story " and "the others"). Thank you once again.







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