Jivanmukti is the very fountain of self-born knowledge, spiritual experience and transmission power. She is a living vessel of Siddha Kundalini Yoga and Siddha Tantra. Her Being emanates this living knowledge and transmits and invokes this experience in others. Jivanmukti’s presence awakens, shifts the veiled perception, and gradually heals and guides one through the process of refinement and transformation.



True teaching is a vibration. True teaching is transmission of the refined consciousness and the self-born knowledge and the invocation of that knowledge as the experience of yoga, samadhi, equanimity, subtle body activation in a manifested form. True knowledge is perceived in silence and is beyond logic. It is true Siddha science – the science of absorption.





In my case it was also interesting, because my English is not perfect. I found you on YouTube three years ago and got interested and listened to your videos many times. But many times it was difficult because of language and because of little true inner knowledge. When I started reading your book I realised that I experienced the glimpse of the Truth three years ago, only I did not know that that was the Truth. I was unconscious, but I finally found you.


Thank you. Your articles helped me to clarify some distortion. The first time when I was reading them I have seen just my distortion, I was also out of absorption at that time and very judgemental, having bad thoughts coming in the mind, contradictions and so on, but yesterday I was coming back and I read it again and after I have perceived something else. Have a nice day!


Blessings wow! I just finished your 3 h lecture on Kundalini Awakening & the occult - best talk/transmission ever! I will be watching it a few times, as there was a lot in there that clicked and a lot that is still unwinding. You did a really great job of putting into words what is difficult to articulate (at least for this limited consciousness). I would love if you could continue with this subject matter in another webinar. Thank you.


My inner development is remarkable in this 2020, it has been extraordinary. Since January and until now, I have taken advantage of the times in refining, I have made an intense retreat of 1 month, refining long hours... In the video conference of the Guru Purnima with Jivanmukti, the transmission has been extraordinary, I spent 4 days, most of this time clutched, engrossed and refining. I can now say, from my experience, that the siddha path is powerful and unique. I take this opportunity to thank again for having found her, my life has changed. I feel different. I would like on some occasion to be with you in person. I have been with Jivanmukti for 2 years and 5 months, I will continue to work within myself and I will continue to watch her videos. I have found my path, I feel at home.


Firstly I would just like to offer my gratitude for yesterday evening's session and all the guidance I have received from you in form and beyond since I have been connected to you via Shaktipat Stream. I have been feeling a true transmutation taking place within myself and my awareness has been gradually becoming more acute and subtle, among a lot of other transformation which I cannot put into words exactly. Last night's session was especially potent for me - in fact it was the most powerful vibrations I had felt from a transmission ever. I made sure to prepare for the session and meditate beforehand, which helped a lot I'm sure. I also felt the entire session that I was dreaming. Each moment was independent of the next and it was almost as if the session was over as soon as it started. My memory of the session dissolved after it had ended and I have no recollection of the details of what you were speaking about. After it had ended, this dreamlike state continued and was accompanied by a conviction that in fact something quite significant had happened for me during that time. This perceived feeling/knowing was unique to me despite experiencing many 'mystical' happenings over the years. Your blessings are truly felt.


I contemplated the nature of Belief. What came to mind was the 'Transmission of an intention for self-confirmation of who 'We' are; defined by who 'We' are not'. I also had the insight that our intentions create our reality; that we should attend to our thoughts and speech so as not to manifest an opposing reality that will not challenge us unnecessarily. I later did the Particle Meditation. There was fear in perceiving without defining the perception. With today's session, I realized that my contemplation on belief was exclusive of a world view and of my own understanding of my personal reality. I also realized that in not defining my perceptions with the Particle meditation I had no opposing reality for self-reference; no self - confirmation. Thank you for speaking of how you guide your life in your reality. I can see that the coolness/aloofness that I may see in you comes from my inexperience of that which I have asked you to teach and guide me through. I feel like a skinny Ganesha circling a new center of gravity. Prior to this session, I realized how much I'm like my father in my expectations of others.


6 years ago I found You and I watched the first YouTube video and felt that I knew You. 6 years of beauty and ugliness, pain and bliss, laughter and crying, 6 years of stubbornly rejecting the victimised self's truce (of dragging me back to the place where I have started) day after day after day. The biggest fight I have always is only with myself, but your words, be it written, spoken, recorded or in person always had the effect of a cold shower, waking me up and removing me from the claws of the illusion.


Dear Jivanmukti What a good fortune that I stumbled over your videos in YT. Bought your book almost immediately as it was clear to me that you have something very important to say. Although I already was close on many things, after reading only 77 pages, you already have taken away important question marks regarding relation between self (observer), emotional bondage (karma, vairagya, equanimity) and meditation. No more exporting to heaven nor importing from hell. Reading is slow, as I read almost everything twice until I understand. You already have helped me so much and I cannot thank you enough. Still many questions and work to do of course, but the message is clear and simple, no obfuscations. Much is still to come (most of it, probably). I am reading your wonderful book and it gives so many insights. Life starts to give some hints of magic. I am not sure yet but it is certainly a possibility..

Michael J-K.

Your videos helped me a lot and still help in everyday life to clarify a lot of things and especially those writings in the blog, they are the greatest thing. A lot of questions answered and maybe even realizations came about the root of some distortions and also bad traumatic memories that were buried came alive, which is great.


Thank you very much for today. It was amazing. I've been lost for years on the spiritual path and now I'm starting to deconstruct some ideas and even the idea of spirituality itself. I think that what you always tell us about contemplation, silence and simplicity is the key. Rituals, Vedanta, Murtis, Pujas...even Yogaasana are consequences and not the cause. The core of Spirituality comes from these simple things that you told us about today. And always.


It helps me to notice Jivanmukti's presence. Suddenly I feel the shakti much, much stronger and the experience becomes more blissful. Just focus/tune into/ feel into her presence instead of merely superficially watching the video and her words. Hope this helps someone and if it doesn't help you then just discard my advice.

Jesper E.

Dear Jivanmukti, Already many times I have viewed your last video on relations. What wonderful words of wisdom with total clarity, I thank you very much for it. I only wanted to let you know. Some things I had realised also, already long time ago, but I was too unaware and made all the errors you describe.. The way we realise our distortions seems interesting to me: we can turn one and the same situation or environment in totally opposite directions by the way we approach it. It is no magic, despite the results seem to be magic. Thank you again,


This truly was a "transmission". Jivanmukti is the only 1 who makes so much clear sense to me. Jivanmukti is a true master to me, and I don't know if I will find another. Thank You, this session was something else. Interesting because I feel like a completely different person today, and then I see this amazing video. This is the best I have experienced of Jivanmukti.

Chris (UK)

I want to thank you, I can't express enough gratitude. Bless your pure heart for all you've done for me. You have made a wonderful difference in my life I can never put into words. I am and will always be eternally grateful for you. Thank You, this session was something else. Interesting because I feel like a completely different person today, and then I see this amazing video. This is the best I have experienced of Jivanmukti.


Just writing to say thank you for the transmission. The discourse was excellent and answered not just the question, but also touched on a lot of things I've been contemplating. The transmission behind / beyond the words was felt just as strong. During the silent transmission, a sense of heaviness and giddiness / mirth was felt at the root. Then it felt like I was keeping a lid on bubbling joy, and I couldn't help but smile and laugh. It felt great, thank you for sharing the blissful being with the group.