True knowledge is alive, it vibrates and makes everything it touches through its living consciousness vibrate, too. There is no true knowledge without actual experience in the body.


The Seed Of Self-Born Knowledge Is The Initiation Into The Depth Of Human Existence And Evolution. Mature Mind Recognises It And Turns Within.

True teaching is a vibration. True teaching is transmission of the refined consciousness and the self-born knowledge and the invocation of that knowledge as the experience of yoga, samadhi, equanimity, subtle body activation in a manifested form. True knowledge is perceived in silence and is beyond logic. It is true Siddha science – the science of absorption.



True path cannot be described. It can be activated and experienced from within. True path is not about powers, energy, chakras, psychedelics, entities and healing, clever talks or preaching nor it is about escapism, deprivation, austerities or voluntary spiritual actions. Fools entertain themselves with spiritual actions,  talks, and imagination, and never realise the truth. The mature ones dwell in simplicity and realise the source of immortality in their very body. True path is the immortal path. They do not practice anything, they don’t escape life or run away from troubles, they live life, immerse in life and its Source and become the very Being, the very Yoga, the very meditation and the very freedom within the existence. Such knowledge is rare and this is not the day and age for it to prevail. 






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Siddha Teaching is free from dogmas, cultism, sectarianism and other -isms. It is an internal path that turns one’s awareness within and empowers those who are on it from within. Such path does not require praising or preaching. It is either perceived or remains hidden. The Path as the knowledge protects itself and sprouts out in a fertile soil only. The beings on the path realise their power and are not bound to the physical source of knowledge and or transmission because they have been reconnected with the Ultimate source, the bio-spiritual mechanism of which has been activated within their physical vessels.




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At SKY we support the notion that, rather than being a passive free-for-all, the spiritual path is actually an active process, a constant exchange & an evolutionary spiritual inflow & outflow between a Teacher & a Student.

True teaching is free only for pure vessels, who are instantly able to grasp and contain this teaching within. Such rare beings at this day and age, even when offered such a teaching for free, would feel natural gratitude & never take it for granted. Those who are still to refine, may follow the path of cultivating sincere gratitude, selflessness, stillness and purity. With that cultivation, true dedication, genuine gratitude to the teaching and a natural desire to support the living path & the source of the teaching arise.


People can be fooled by talks and praises, but consciousness as the very source of knowledge can not be fooled. Its awareness is omniscient and omnipresent.



Dear One, Something happened yesterday evening while reading the Book. A calm descended upon me. It was subtle but palpable. The fear was gone and what remained was calm and peaceful. It was a shift, it was Grace. It was equanimity. All of a sudden everything was OK again. I didn't DO anything. It just happened. My perception shifted. As I begin this day the feeling of 'everything is OK' is still with me. It's like an inner strength I didn't know about. The message is always the same. Let go and trust my Self. Thank You for being there, for Your guidance, Your kind words and Your equanimity. I will send my Saturday question in a follow up email later today.


Vedic science resonates with me, but what you say and transmit through your videos and writing resonates even more. I am working on eliminating old root patterns and blockages, particularly in the area of manifestation. I appreciate the content you are making available publicly, and am looking forward to absorbing even more once I have your book. Words can't express how much gratitude I have for the gifts you are sharing with humanity!


Dear Jivanmukti, I felt your presence today for a few hours after weekly transmission sessions. I thought it was hallucination, but somehow I feel that I felt your presence. Thanks for being in my life and guiding me through this journey.


Dear Jivanmukti, The night after having watched the new videos, my energy was very high and had to sleep alone that night. I had a very nice dream about studying spirituality in different classes and I woke up in my dream. So I became aware that I was dreaming. And during that dream, I was reflecting on my behaviour. During that dream, I forced myself to express myself more. I am dreaming a lot about space, last night I was an astronaut, very very cool dream. The last couple of months I am very much aware of deeper trauma's. I start to become more aware of several emotions from the past, like blaming, pride, jealousy, anger, guilt, lust etc. at several ages. Mostly from between 15 to 25. And also specific incidents of which I thought that they won't have that much impact. Since the last months, I am aware of past hurts and how they are blocking me in expression and connecting with people, self-confidence, self-worth, acceptance, letting go. And I am growing, since I became very aware of this, I feel step by step that I am evolving. Somehow it feels that I am entering a new cycle in life. A new way of being, ready to leave a thick layer with which I was identifying myself a lot with. I feel like things are speeding up. A lot of things are going very fast suddenly since a few weeks.

Suraj. P

Dear Jivanmukti, this sharing is about these powerful videos - transmissions that you sent me some time ago. All of them are powerful in the sense that they make my energy body tingle, which not only feels good but also supports life energy (prana, chi) flow in my being. Besides that, two of these videos are also very beneficial in that they help release old patterns, habits and energy blockages. These videos are about 1) breaking negative patterns (you in a white dotted shirt in lotus posture) 2) purification of lower vortex (you in a green shirt) These videos really get things moving, and i would even say help me "grow up" in a sense that old patterns of victimisation are not only clearly seen but also start to dissolve. I find myself developing an intuitive "training program" which helps me getting rid of old feelings, old emotional blockages, robotic behaviour or whatever else you may call that. What before seemed like "too hard to overcome" is now just smth. that has to be dealt with - without making a big fuzz or drama about it... time to grow up! Thank You for these great transmission videos - and may your treasure box contain more of these powerful energetic and priceless transmission videos, which serve as a catalyst for further evolvement of your devotees.


Dear Jivanmukti, As I watched this video 1 this morning I was aware of energy or a feeling just under the bottom of the right rib a bit towards the center and down to a bit below the waist. It wasn't a pain but a sense of something. Also I have felt different since then. There are almost not enough words to describe that I say Thank You for your Presence, Guidance, Awesome website and the weekly sessions. I really like the different pictures, especially the swimming fish. Wonderful shift. Your site is my home page and reminds me what I am about. Will put one of the other pictures for a screen saver. Have not gone over all the content yet but what I have read shows me so much.


6 years ago I found You and I watched the first YouTube video and felt that I knew You. 6 years of beauty and ugliness, pain and bliss, laughter and crying, 6 years of stubbornly rejecting the victimised self's truce (of dragging me back to the place where I have started) day after day after day. The biggest fight I have always is only with myself, but your words, be it written, spoken, recorded or in person always had the effect of a cold shower, waking me up and removing me from the claws of the illusion.


Dear Jivanmukti What a good fortune that I stumbled over your videos in YT. Bought your book almost immediately as it was clear to me that you have something very important to say. Although I already was close on many things, after reading only 77 pages, you already have taken away important question marks regarding relation between self (observer), emotional bondage (karma, vairagya, equanimity) and meditation. No more exporting to heaven nor importing from hell. Reading is slow, as I read almost everything twice until I understand. You already have helped me so much and I cannot thank you enough. Still many questions and work to do of course, but the message is clear and simple, no obfuscations. Much is still to come (most of it, probably). I am reading your wonderful book and it gives so many insights. Life starts to give some hints of magic. I am not sure yet but it is certainly a possibility..

Michael J-K.

Namaste Jivanmukti !! I am very happy, I will share my experience of yesterday and today. One month ago approximately that I began the program of spiritual activation. Yesterday afternoon I saw the video of balance, meditation and back felt like a golden ray descended and walked in the head, and went down my body illuminating its path. After the same experience was repeated twice more before the end of meditation. I felt very blessed and grateful. Since after an intense spiritual practice of 15 years he had never felt anything like !!!! As if this were not enough, this morning, after seeing the video of activation have felt a tremendous energy that "pushed" from the inside out like me wanting to move my energy blocks ... an indescribable feeling I had never felt. Then I started to feel activation in the third eye, heat in the sacrum and an energy very raised with a condition of fullness and peace in the whole body. I feel that this has marked one before and one later in my evolution and want to thank you sincerely for putting to my scope this system to evolve so completely and powerfully.


On Activation program: update I feel like I'm making a lot of progress. I really feel the chakras in the soles of my feet buzzing and my legs feel full of energy. My Svadhisthana is opening up more and so is my Manipura. The Anahata has really made a whole lot of progress since my last communication with you. The fifteen Mukhi Rudraksha had a significant effect on the Anahata. The Vishuddha is also responding well along with the Anja and Sushumna. I feel like my Manipura is a critical point right now. I feel like it is lagging behind and would help drive some of the higher and lower chakras if it was stronger. My dreams have been more complex with more dream sequences. I've also noticed and increasing alertness and equanimity. I would like to know your thoughts on my Manipura and if you could offer me a mantra. If you need more information then I'd be happy to answer some questions. And, I like to really Thank You. This is an amazing experience and I wish I could express how much this means to me. My initial donation was not enough. I will be submitting more in the near future. I'm very grateful.

Jason W

It helps me to notice Jivanmukti's presence. Suddenly I feel the shakti much, much stronger and the experience becomes more blissful. Just focus/tune into/ feel into her presence instead of merely superficially watching the video and her words. Hope this helps someone and if it doesn't help you then just discard my advice.

Jesper E.

Dear Jivanmukti, Already many times I have viewed your last video on relations. What wonderful words of wisdom with total clarity, I thank you very much for it. I only wanted to let you know. Some things I had realised also, already long time ago, but I was too unaware and made all the errors you describe.. The way we realise our distortions seems interesting to me: we can turn one and the same situation or environment in totally opposite directions by the way we approach it. It is no magic, despite the results seem to be magic. Thank you again,


This truly was a "transmission". Jivanmukti is the only 1 who makes so much clear sense to me. Jivanmukti is a true master to me, and I don't know if I will find another. Thank You, this session was something else. Interesting because I feel like a completely different person today, and then I see this amazing video. This is the best I have experienced of Jivanmukti.

Chris (UK)

I want to thank you, I can't express enough gratitude. Bless your pure heart for all you've done for me. You have made a wonderful difference in my life I can never put into words. I am and will always be eternally grateful for you. Thank You, this session was something else. Interesting because I feel like a completely different person today, and then I see this amazing video. This is the best I have experienced of Jivanmukti.


Just writing to say thank you for the transmission. The discourse was excellent and answered not just the question, but also touched on a lot of things I've been contemplating. The transmission behind / beyond the words was felt just as strong. During the silent transmission, a sense of heaviness and giddiness / mirth was felt at the root. Then it felt like I was keeping a lid on bubbling joy, and I couldn't help but smile and laugh. It felt great, thank you for sharing the blissful being with the group.




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