Any reference to “SYA” refers to the registered association Siddhanta Yoga Academy Ry. 

Any reference to “SYA MEMBER” or “SYA MEMBERS” refers to SYA directors and all other lawful agents of SYA. 

Any reference to “PROGRAMS & MATERIAL” refers to SYA programs, events, correspondence, one-on-one sessions, products, retreats, transmissions, websites, and all related materials. 


PROGRAMS & MATERIAL are provided for educational, informational and self-development purposes only. You agree not to use any of the information, knowledge, concepts or ideas shared with you for any other purpose.

You specifically agree not to formally disseminate and/or teach any of the information, knowledge, concepts or ideas that are shared with you through PROGRAMS & MATERIAL or SYA MEMBERS.

SYA does not give out any licenses, certificates, or any sort of recognition by way of credentials. You understand that your participation or involvement in PROGRAMS & MATERIAL does not entitle you to any authority or representative status over the path/teaching of Siddha Kundalini Yoga, the subject of Siddha Kundalini Yoga, Siddha teaching, or Kundalini Yoga Instructorship. You agree not to hold yourself out in any such manner or in any similar manner.

You understand that your participation in PROGRAMS & MATERIAL does not authorize you to be a representative of SYA in any way, speak for SYA and/or act on behalf of SYA in any way without the express consent of SYA.

You understand that any and all content of PROGRAMS & MATERIAL, including but not limited to any and all writings, videos, live webinars, recordings, written transcriptions of videos, newsletters, slideshows, images, logos, documents, files, webpages, program names, trade-marks and copyrighted material (including specifically, without limitation, SIDDHAPOWER®, Siddhanta Yoga®, Siddha Oracle®, Shaktipat StreamTM, Siddhanta Yoga AcademyTM, Siddha Param-Para: The Key to Bio-spiritual Immortality©, and Siddhanta Yoga Academy Ry®(Association)), are all the protected property of SYA and/or SYA MEMBERS or collaborators as the case may be.

You agree not to make use of any content of PROGRAMS & MATERIAL in a prohibited manner, including but not limited to directly plagiarizing; indirectly plagiarizing through copying and combining with other works or modifying, rearranging or translating, either directly or indirectly, in any way; creating derivative works in any way; permitting, allowing or doing anything that would infringe or otherwise prejudice the proprietary rights of SYA or SYA MEMBERS or collaborators; reproducing by any other means; redistributing by any means; recording live events for the purpose of dissemination; allowing any third-party access without the express consent of SYA; compiling an internal database except for individual use; or doing anything else with a view to profit or make a collateral benefit.

SYA expressly disclaims any and all liability for unauthorized use or reproduction of the content of PROGRAMS & MATERIAL.


You understand that SYA does not provide or claim to provide professional medical advice, or any other professional advice of any kind, including but not limited to financial, legal or psychiatric advice or treatment.

Any advice, guidance or insight presented or provided to you through PROGRAMS & MATERIAL should not be taken as professional advice and should not be relied on as a substitute for the advice of a qualified professional.

PROGRAMS & MATERIAL are IN NO WAY intended to be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

You understand that your health and well-being is your responsibility.

Do not disregard professional medical advice or stop taking medications prescribed by your professional healthcare provider or forego medical diagnosis or treatment because of something you have seen, heard or read from SYA or SYA MEMBERS in any other capacity.

SYA does not claim to cure any physical or mental health conditions.

You understand that it is your responsibility to contact a professional to meet your specific needs where required, whether it be a healthcare provider to obtain a diagnosis or treatment, or any other type of professional.


Through PROGRAMS & MATERIAL, SYA is sharing a certain perspective and understanding of life.

SYA offers this perspective not to externally raise the awareness of a certain practice or school of thought, but so that each student, who is ready, may recognize the opportunity to grow the internal awareness of themselves at their own pace.

We don’t recognize any titles, logical levels or stages of achievement, nor do we certify anyone as such. We see spiritual achievement not in a mechanical way, as the amount of hours spent in practice or the quality of words one uses, but as an organic outcome of self-refinement resulting in inner purity, selflessness, wholesome perception, free self-expression, high spiritual intelligence, natural morality and spiritual presence.

The knowledge we share is a direct transmission based on spiritual empowerment, behind which stands authentic Siddha teaching, Siddha science and Siddha Param-Para. This knowledge is beyond words and is “self-born”. It can only be absorbed and assimilated into one’s being with the purpose of self-development and evolution.

You understand that no particular result can be guaranteed or expected through such services.

You understand that all testimonials are only the representations of the experiences of their authors and are in no way a guarantee or representation that you will have a similar experience or get a certain result.

Conscious evolution and integration is dependent on, and defined by your own dedication, selflessness and purity of mind. There is no external criteria.

You understand that PROGRAMS & MATERIAL might not be conducive for your current situation in life, and/or might not be what you are looking for.

While SYA is responsible for the provision of PROGRAMS & MATERIAL, SYA is in no way responsible for how you perceive, comprehend or interpret the perspective shared with you, for the fact that you may find certain information objectionable, or for any action whatsoever that you may take upon misinterpreting the perspective shared with you.

You agree to exercise your own judgement and due diligence before accepting as true, within yourself, anything that you come across in PROGRAMS & MATERIAL.

You understand that if you choose to act or omit to act in a particular way in your life, it is your personal choice, and any consequence associated with any such act or omission is beyond the reasonable control of SYA.

You understand that SYA is in no way responsible for any direct or indirect loss or damages of any kind, associated with any consequence of such an act or omission. You agree not to attempt to hold SYA liable for any such loss or damages including, but not limited to loss or damages resulting from personal injury, physical or psychological harm, loss of employment; lost opportunities; or personal or business interruptions.

You understand that SYA is not liable for any defamatory, offensive or illegal conduct of any other SYA student or participant including you.

You agree to indemnify and hold SYA harmless from all damages, losses, and expenses of any kind related to your breach of any of the terms in this agreement or to any activity in which you engage in during or through PROGRAMS & MATERIAL, including any violation of any law or the rights of a third party.



SYA takes responsibility for all donations collected in relation to a student’s application, by providing PROGRAMS & MATERIAL as described.

SYA will make best efforts to ensure, but cannot guarantee, that the provision of PROGRAMS & MATERIAL will be entirely without defects, minor delays or interruptions as a result of human or technological error.

SYA uses third party service providers to bring you PROGRAMS & MATERIAL online, including but not limited to WordPress, Weebly, Gmail, Zoom, PayPal and YouTube. While SYA will make best efforts to facilitate the proper functioning of, and uninterrupted access through these vehicles, and to respond as soon as possible to any defect or incident that may come to the attention of SYA MEMBERS, we cannot guarantee that there will be no interruptions or glitches from time to time or that your access to programs and material online will be 100% error-free, secure, and consistent.

You understand that SYA is not liable for any loss or expense incurred by you as a result of computer viruses, data corruption or other cybersecurity issues related to online access.

SYA tries to schedule events at times that are most convenient for participants overall. But because students are situated all over the world, we cannot guarantee that the timing of events will be suitable for your schedule or time zone.

If, for any reason, an event or program has to be rescheduled, SYA will make best efforts to notify all participants ahead of time.

If, for any reason, an event or program has to be cancelled, SYA will notify all participants ahead of time and will refund any donations received in relation to that program or event.

Donations submitted for all programs, retreats and all events confirm your participation and are non-refundable, except in the case of the program, retreat or event being cancelled. 

You understand that SYA is a not-for-profit organization, and that your donation funds the development of SYA, PROGRAMS & MATERIAL, and the charitable projects and initiatives of SYA.

Where a donation is refunded, SYA is not liable to cover any excess costs of currency exchange rates and related premiums or the transaction costs of PayPal (or similar service) that are incurred on the refund payment so that a refunded donation results in anything other than a “0-

gain” for SYA. In other words, in the case of a refund, the transaction will never result in a loss or a gain for SYA, but may result in a loss to you because of transaction/exchange rate costs.


SYA is responsible for providing the retreat as described in the retreat program.

All prices quoted in retreat programs are correct at the time of their making, and are inclusive only of the provisions, accommodations and activities stipulated in the retreat program as included in the price.

Prior to payment, prices are subject to change as a result of exchange rate fluctuation and other unforeseen or indeterminate cost-factors.

SYA MEMBERS will make best efforts to provide safe, comfortable premises during all of the retreat activities, and to create a conducive environment.

SYA MEMBERS will do their best to facilitate the retreat program in a way that accommodates the needs of all participants, but SYA makes no guarantee that your specific needs will be met.

SYA makes no guarantee that there will be no delays or interruptions in the retreat schedule, or that the itinerary will be adhered to strictly.

SYA is not liable for losses as a result of force majeure, or other losses associated with unforeseen events beyond the reasonable control of SYA MEMBERS.

As a part of your eligibility for the retreat, you must honestly disclose to SYA, sufficient particulars of your lifestyle, including any physical or psychological condition that you have or experience, and/or any current or past addictions or mind-altering substance use (including any drug: alcohol, caffeine etc.)

SYA is not responsible for your reception of the content and teaching during and after the retreat, nor for your physical or psychological response. Each participant must take personal responsibility for his or her own self-care and should seek the advice of a professional healthcare provider prior to application to ensure a sufficient level of physical fitness and psychological stability.

You understand that, as a retreat participant, you are assuming the risks associated with foreign and domestic travel, and are also assuming the specific risks associated with all of the retreat activities listed in the retreat program. SYA is not responsible or liable for your assumption of this risk, or for any activity or pursuit you voluntarily undertake while participating in the retreat.

In the unlikely event of a medical emergency, an SYA MEMBER will make all reasonable efforts to have you escorted to a local medical institution, but SYA and SYA MEMBERS are in no way liable for your medical treatment, or for any medical expenses or associated legal costs you may incur as a result.

We advise all retreat participants to obtain the necessary medical, travel or life insurance, to satisfy their insurance coverage needs.

SYA provides no warranties or coverage for unforeseen costs or losses of any kind that may be occasioned by you or others on retreats, or in transit to and from retreats including, but not limited to late departures, missed flights, hold ups at the border, or lost baggage.

You are solely responsible for the costs that you incur personally and for any legal penalties that may be levied against you on the retreat or in transit to and from the retreat, and you agree to indemnify and hold harmless SYA for any and all such costs or associated costs.

SYA and SYA MEMBERS expressly exclude any and all liability for any and all direct or indirect damages or losses of any type, incurred by you or others in connection with retreats, including, without limitation, liability for personal injury; accidents; injuries; harm; death; physical or psychological disease, condition or issue; or lost or damaged property.

You understand that, where SYA contracts with third parties for the rendering of services, such as for accommodation, food, transportation, sight-seeing activities, or any other service that may be provided through a third party, SYA does not assume the liability of, nor take any responsibility for the provision of these services, including for the possible faulty provision of these services, or for any legal fault of any such third party in the provision of these services, including for example, any act of negligence, recklessness or willful blindness.

Specifically, without limitation, SYA does not assume the liability or responsibility of an occupier for the purpose of your accommodation or for anything that may happen in your place of accommodation such as theft of belongings.